Mailing lists

There are three mailing lists available.

Mailing list policies

  • Both mailing lists are unmoderated. However, the mailing lists are configured them to discard all spam, to hold all non-subscriber posts for moderation, to accept all subscriber posts, and to admin approve subscription requests. Please contact Matthew Fluet if it appears that your messages are being discarded as spam.

  • Large messages (over 256K) should not be sent. Rather, please send an email containing the discussion text and a link to any large files.

  • Discussions started on the mailing lists should stay on the mailing lists. Private replies may be bounced to the mailing list for the benefit of those following the discussion.

  • Discussions started on may be migrated to, particularly when the discussion shifts from how to use MLton to how to modify MLton (e.g., to fix a bug identified by the initial discussion).