[MLton-commit] r6919

Matthew Fluet fluet at mlton.org
Thu Oct 9 19:22:15 PDT 2008

Fix bug in nested _export/_import functions.

In the C codegen, the trampoline for MLton_callFromC terminates when
the 'returnToC' is set to 'TRUE' in the SML/ChunkN code.  However, if
an _export-ed function returned to an _import-ed function returned to
an _export-ed function, then the outer _export-ed function is
executing the trampoline for MLton_callFromC with the 'returnToC'
global set to 'TRUE'.  If the outer _export-ed function terminates
quickly, then it will itself set 'returnToC' to 'TRUE' and exit the
SML/ChunkN code.  However, if continuing the execution of the outer
_export-ed function requires an inter-chunk transfer, then it would
(erroneously) terminate the trampoline (without properly returning

Similarly, when executing as a library, the 'lib_open' trampoline
could erroneously be terminated with 'returnToC' is set to 'TRUE' when
an _export-ed function returns to an _import-ed function returns to
top-level SML code.


U   mlton/trunk/include/c-main.h


Modified: mlton/trunk/include/c-main.h
--- mlton/trunk/include/c-main.h	2008-10-09 21:35:20 UTC (rev 6918)
+++ mlton/trunk/include/c-main.h	2008-10-10 02:22:13 UTC (rev 6919)
@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@
         do {                                                            \
                 cont=(*(struct cont(*)(void))cont.nextChunk)();         \
         } while (not returnToC);                                        \
+        returnToC = FALSE;                                              \
         s->atomicState += 1;                                            \
         GC_switchToThread (s, GC_getSavedThread (s), 0);                \
         s->atomicState -= 1;                                            \

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