IO problems?

ANOQ of the Sun
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 23:59:54 +0200

For the record - I just made a small test for TextIO too - same

"Stephen Weeks" wrote:
> I can try to help you find it.  My
> first attempt would be to put some debugging information in the TextIO
> (or BinIO) implementation.  You can use the underlying C fprintf via
> the FFI mechanism.  Put in debugging statements whenever any of the
> TextIO.input functions is called, and within updateIn so we can see
> what read is returning.  We'll go from there.

OK - I guess I'll have to get my hands dirty ;)

> I don't have a Linux system around with libc6.1.  Perhaps Henry or
> Suresh has one handy that they could try mlton-1999-7-12 on.  Guys?

Thanks a lot! :)