IO problems?

ANOQ of the Sun
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 00:35:18 +0200

"Stephen Weeks" wrote:
> On a windows machine, right?


> Just to speed things up, I wanted to make sure that you knew that you
> can process a new version of the basis library very quickly, without
> recompiling the whole compiler.  See the ../lib/world.mlton target in
> src/Makefile for how to do this.

I know - you have told me that in an earlier discussion ;)
But thanks! :)

So far it seems that PosixPrimitives.IO.readArr reads 0 bytes
the second time...

"Stephen Weeks" wrote:
> Ahh.  I see I was confused.  On my machine, "rpm -q glibc" returns
> "glibc-2.1.2-17".  What does it return on your machine?

I'm running debian - but I'll try using dpkg, after rebooting
my machine from Win to Linux and back to Win - one moment...