[MLton-user] Re: can't build svn trunk from source

Dave Herman dherman at ccs.neu.edu
Fri May 25 03:18:07 PDT 2007

I've made some progress (I didn't realize I could build the MinGW 
version inside Cygwin, so now I've installed MSYS et al), but now I'm 
getting the following error:

make[3]: Entering directory `/c/mltonsrc/mlton'
Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 
Files/Intel/DMIX:/c/Program Files/QuickTime/QTSystem/:/c/Program 
Files/plt:/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/VC/bin:/c/Program 
Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/Common7/IDE:/c/Program Files/Microsoft 
Visual Studio 8/VC/BIN:/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 
8/Common7/Tools:/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 
Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/VC/VCPackages:/c/Program Files/Microsoft 
Platform SDK/Bin:/c/Program Files/Microsoft SQL 
Files/Inkscape:/c/Program Files/TortoiseSVN/bin:/usr/local/llvm-gcc/bin" 
"x86" "mingw" >upgrade-basis.sml
make[3]: Leaving directory `/c/mltonsrc/mlton'
Compiling mlton (takes a while)
mlton @MLton max-heap 640m ram-slop 0.7 gc-summary  -- -target self 
-verbose 2 -output "mlton-compile"  mlton.cm
MLton starting
MLton MLTONVERSION (built Fri Feb 02 20:31:47 2007 on unknown)
   created this file on Fri May 25 12:14:56 2007.
Do not edit this file.
Flag settings:
    align: 4
    atMLtons: (mlton-compile, @MLton, --)
    chunk: chunk per function
    codegen: Native
    contifyIntoMain: false
    debug: false
    defaultChar: char8
    defaultInt: int32
    defaultReal: real64
    defaultWord: word32
    diag passes: []
    drop passes: []
    elaborate allowConstant (default): false
    elaborate allowConstant (enabled): true
    elaborate allowFFI (default): false
    elaborate allowFFI (enabled): true
    elaborate allowPrim (default): false
    elaborate allowPrim (enabled): true
    elaborate allowOverload (default): false
    elaborate allowOverload (enabled): true
    elaborate allowRebindEquals (default): false
    elaborate allowRebindEquals (enabled): true
    elaborate deadCode (default): false
    elaborate deadCode (enabled): true
    elaborate forceUsed (default): false
    elaborate forceUsed (enabled): true
    elaborate ffiStr (default):
    elaborate ffiStr (enabled): true
    elaborate nonexhaustiveExnMatch (default): default
    elaborate nonexhaustiveExnMatch (enabled): true
    elaborate nonexhaustiveMatch (default): warn
    elaborate nonexhaustiveMatch (enabled): true
    elaborate redundantMatch (default): warn
    elaborate redundantMatch (enabled): true
    elaborate sequenceNonUnit (default): ignore
    elaborate sequenceNonUnit (enabled): true
    elaborate warnUnused (default): false
    elaborate warnUnused (enabled): true
    elaborate only: false
    export header: None
    exn history: false
    gc check: Limit
    indentation: 3
    inline: NonRecursive {product = 320, small = 60}
    inlineIntoMain: true
    input file: mlton
    keep Machine: false
    keep RSSA: false
    keep SSA: false
    keep SSA2: false
    keep def use: true
    keep dot: false
    keep passes: []
    extra_: true
    lib dir: c:\mingw\lib\mlton
    lib target dir: c:\mingw\lib\mlton\self
    loop passes: 1
    mark cards: true
    max function size: 10000
    mlb path maps: [c:/MinGW/lib/mlton/mlb-path-map]
    native commented: 0
    native live stack: false
    native optimize: 1
    native move hoist: true
    native copy prop: true
    native copy prop cutoff: 1000
    native cutoff: 100
    native live transfer: 8
    native shuffle: true
    native ieee fp: false
    native split: Some 20000
    optimizationPassesSet: [<ssa2PassesSet>, <ssaPassesSet>, 
<sxmlPassesSet>, <xmlPassesSet>]
    polyvariance: Some {rounds = 2, small = 30, product = 300}
    prefer abs paths: false
    prof passes: []
    profile: None
    profile branch: false
    profile C: []
    profile IL: ProfileSource
    profile include/exclude: [(Seq [Star [.], Or [Seq [Seq [[<], [b], 
[a], [s], [i], [s], [>]]]], Star [.]], false)]
    profile raise: false
    profile stack: false
    show basis: None
    show def-use: None
    show types: false
    ssaPassesSet: <ssaPassesSet>
    ssaPasses: [default]
    ssa2PassesSet: <ssa2PassesSet>
    ssa2Passes: [default]
    sxmlPassesSet: <sxmlPassesSet>
    sxmlPasses: [default]
    target: self
    target arch: X86
    target OS: MinGW
    type check: false
    verbosity: Pass
    warn unrecognized annotation: true
    xmlPassesSet: <xmlPassesSet>
    xmlPasses: [default]
    zone cut depth: 100
    Compile SML starting
       pre codegen starting
          parseAndElaborate starting
Error: ..\lib\mlton\basic\file.sml 91.18.
   Undefined variable MLton.TextIO.tempPrefix.
          parseAndElaborate raised in 8.95 + 1.86 (17% GC)
       pre codegen raised in 8.95 + 1.86 (17% GC)
    Compile SML raised in 8.95 + 1.86 (17% GC)

I'm stumped at the moment by this one.


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