[MLton] Crash "Vector.foldi2From" with MLton 20070826

Nicolas Bertolotti Nicolas.Bertolotti at mathworks.fr
Mon Sep 8 09:17:06 PDT 2008

> Logs are significantly less helpful than example programs.

Sorry, I understand that but 157916 lines of code is the best I have for now and unfortunately, I can not send them.

I will send an example code when I am able to reproduce the crash with a small piece of code.

> If there is an internal compiler error, always try compiling with
> '-type-check true'.  An error like the above is usually indicative of the
> IL program being ill-formed.  For example, Vector.foldi2From is used by
> Vector.foreach, which is used by removeUnused to process matching vectors
> of actuals and formals; a mismatch in the lengths of the actuals and
> formals triggers the error in Vector.foldi2From, but the real error is
> that the IL is ill-formed: the lengths of the actuals and formals in a
> well-typed IL program should always be equal.  If the IL program is
> ill-formed, then the bug is actually an earlier pass that produced an
> ill-formed program.  Compiling with '-type-check true' should reveal which
> pass produced an ill-typed IL program.

Thanks for the hint.

I relaunched with the option and here is what I have now :
         ssaSimplify starting
            redundant starting
            redundant finished in 0.53 + 0.00 (0% GC)
            post.ssa size is 46,241,204 bytes
            numPeeks = 939036180
            maxLength = 4
            average position in property list = 0.665
            numPeeks = 9202801
            average position in bucket = 1.490
            typeCheck starting
               typeCheck starting
                  checkScopes starting
                  checkScopes finished in 0.49 + 0.00 (0% GC)
Type error: analyze raised exception Analyze.coerces length mismatch: returns

               typeCheck raised in 0.68 + 0.78 (54% GC)

Is there any way to trace the execution of the "redundant" phase ?

Thanks in advance


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