BIG memory machine

Henry Cejtin
Tue, 15 May 2001 21:31:01 -0500

My  friend  Rico  has  4  machines,  each with 4 gig of RAM.  I wanted to try
compiling MLton without the -no-polyvariance flag to see if it would fit, but
sadly  I  can't  ask  for  a  heap  size  bigger  than  2 gig because the int
overflows.  Also on these machines /proc/meminfo is  going  to  hold  numbers
bigger  than  will  fit  in  an  int.   Either  this  has  to  be  done  with's, or Word32.word's, or else it is another use  for  Int64  (along
with  file  positions).   Could you produce something I could try with any of
these?  I'm really curious if the self-compile with polyvariance would  work,
and if it would result in a faster compiler.