[MLton-user] Re: MLton and Cygwin installation

Stephen Weeks MLton-user@mlton.org
Wed, 7 Dec 2005 09:54:27 -0800

> Looking in C:\cygwin\usr\bin, I see 5 files :
> mllex
> mlnlffigen
> mlprof
> mlton
> mlyacc
> They're actually the only files in that directory and I see from
> looking at the mlton tgz separately that they're all from that
> archive.  Stuff like bash, awk, etc. all live in my C:\cygwin\bin\
> directory (possibly b/c I made a choice at install time to have all of
> the cygwin tools available to all users on this system? dunno).

Maybe.  On my Cygwin installation, /bin and /usr/bin are the same, and
so the MLton executables live in the same directory as bash, awk,
etc.  mount reports

  C:\cygwin\bin on /usr/bin type system (binmode)
  C:\cygwin\lib on /usr/lib type system (binmode)
  C:\cygwin on / type system (binmode)
  c: on /cygdrive/c type system (binmode,noumount)

I would expect things to work even if /bin and /usr/bin are different.

> I notice that bash, awk, etc. are all exe's, though, whereas none of
> the mlton-associated files have any extensions.
> Is that normal?


> Copying all of those files and dropping them into my C:\cygwin\bin
> directory 

This shouldn't be necessary.

> got a result - typing "mlton" at the bash prompt now results
> in:
> bash-3.00$ mlton
> /usr/bin/mlton: line 9: /usr/lib/mlton/platform: No such file or directory
> Unable to run MLton.  Check that lib is set properly.

If /usr/lib/mlton/ is missing, then the original unpacking did not
work as expected.  It would be best to clean up and re-unpack from
within a Cygwin bash using the tar command that Matthew sent earlier.

BTW, after we get this working, you might also want to try our MinGW
package, which runs from the Windows command prompt, and doesn't
require Cygwin.