[MLton-user] Mlton bug?

Petersen, Leaf leaf.petersen at intel.com
Wed Mar 5 19:18:39 PST 2008

The error message below doesn't look like the usual MLton type errors,
and the code generating it looks correct to me.  


MLton 20070826 (built Sun Aug 26 20:32:41 2007 on WOLFPUP)

MLton starting

   Compile SML starting

      pre codegen starting

      pre codegen raised in 23.17 + 21.27 (48% GC)

   Compile SML raised in 23.17 + 21.27 (48% GC)

MLton raised in 23.17 + 21.27 (48% GC)

Tree.t_0 has no tyconRep property


Relatively trivial perturbations of the code allow it to compile.
Anyone seen anything like this before?  I'm working on boiling it down
to a small example, but haven't been able to yet.




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