Bug in Vector?

ANOQ of the Sun anoq@hardcoreprocessing.com
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 13:11:31 +0200

"Stephen Weeks" wrote:
> You are of course correct.  This is a known bug, and is fixed in our
> internal version.  To fix your version, change line 393 of
> src/closure-convert/abstract-value.fun from
>                 Array x => x
> to
>                 Vector x => x
> and remake mlton.

Thanks a lot!

>Let us know if that works.

I can say that it hurts to compile MLton with only
128 MB RAM and a 166Mhz Pentium :)
I couldn't do it in one whole night, and I just had
a tight deadline, so I've not tried it yet.

But I'll get a new computer in a week or so, then I'll
try this :)